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Snapshot is a unique project that offers us a rare glimpse
into the inner workings of the IDF and the other security
forces as they have never been viewed before.
Commentator Yoav Limor and photographer Ziv Koren were given exclusive access, allowing them to bring us an unfiltered view of Israel’s real war over our homeland – from covert attacks in Syria and the battle against terror to defending the borders. Their work also reveals the real
war of daily struggles – for the advancement of women in the military, to integrate the ultra-Orthodox, to absorb immigrants and disadvantaged youth. It documents the IDF’s humanitarian aid missions to disaster sites around the world and the technological breakthroughs that have transformed Israel into the start-up nation.
Snapshot presents an unprecedented, insider’s view of
some of the most exclusive and secretive IDF units: Sayeret Matkal and Shaldag (General Staff and air force commando units), technology units of the intelligence division, and the Shabak (Israel Security Agency). The book also offers previously unpublished stories and photos from the war
on terror, and border operations against Hezbollah, Hamas, and ISIS.


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In the course of one year Ziv accompanied the policemen of the Border Police undercover unit in Jerusalem and in the PA, during their sensitive operations of fighting terror in a civilian territory.

The photographs were bundled into a unit book.

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Jerusalem Day 2017 marks fifty years since the reunification of Jerusalem in 1967, allowing worshipers of all religions to freely worship and pray in their holy places for the first time in hundreds of years. In honor of this great anniversary, this unique photo essay brings together the thoughts and reminiscences of those who love the holy city.

MY JERUSALEM features a unique collection of photos by one of Israel's most recognized photographers, Ziv Koren. Here are the people of Jerusalem: the real, everyday people who live in Jerusalem; those who work in Jerusalem; those who worship in Jerusalem; and those who exercise their freedom to demonstrate in Jerusalem. This stunning book is a must-have for everyone whose heart beats to the rhythm of the world's holiest city.

Features personal essays on Jerusalem by 36 personalities, among them: Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, President Reuven Rivlin, Education Minister Naftali Bennett, Mayor of Jerusalem Nir Barkat, Mike Huckabee, Professor Deborah Lipstadt, Dr. Ruth R. Wisse, and many more.

Published 2015 - Book Can Not Be Purchased

40 Years for the Israeli Counter-Terrorism Unit.

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A two volume top quality elegant book of photographs from the exhibition "Writing with Light". The books come in an elegant matching box.

Published 2012 - Book Can Not Be Purchased

IDF's Elite Counter-Terror Unit.

Published 2010 - Purchase Book

IDF's Elite Counter-Terror Unit.

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Aftershock | Published 2010

A catalog for the photographic exhibition of Ziv Koren's journey to Haiti. The exhibition is a photographed travel journal by Ziv Koren, from the week he spent in disaster inflicted Haiti. The photos tell of this encounter from both a journalistic and personal point of view, as documenter and witness, and allow an intimate glance that looks further than the pictures published in the Israeli and global media.