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The main goal of the corps is ensuring the maneuverability of the IDF forces by denying this ability from the enemy, in addition to the corps responsible for different areas of knowledge and expertise in fields that require a military engineering issues such as road breaching, defense and fortifications, counter-mobility of enemy forces, construction and destruction under fire, sabotage, explosives, bomb disposal, counter-NBC and special engineering missions.

In addition to Combat Engineering Corps sappers, each infantry brigade has an engineering company trained with basic engineering and EOD (Explosive Ordnance Disposal) skills. Combat Engineering Corps sappers and heavy equipment operators are often attached to other units (such as armored or infantry brigades) in order to help them breach through obstacles and handle explosive threats.

this days the corp's main intention  is to find and destroy the Smuggling tunnels in the Gaza Strip. The tunnels dug underneath the separation barrier between Gaza and Egypt. Since the eighties these tunnels were and are the main source of guns and ammunition transportation to the Gaza Strip. Palestinian terror organizations use the tunnels to smuggle people, weapons, shoulder-launched, anti-aircraft missilesanti-tank missiles, long-range rockets and tons of explosives from Egypt into Gaza. Estimated number of tunnels, not in 2010, is hundreds.

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