During a period of two months Ziv documented the new front-line in the battle against the Corona - the hospitals.

Ziv managed to get an exclusive access to four Corona ICU wards in four different hospitals and photographed the critical, emotional and sometimes heartbreaking moments in the extremely busy wards.

Ziv also documented during that period the work of MDA, the IDF in Bnei Brak and the national and Jewish holidays during the lockdown.

The lecture is fully accompanied by photos presentation and is currently available online only. 

Duration of lecture: About and hour.


Ziv Koren has been a professional photojournalist for more than 25 years.
Today Koren represents the photo agency "Polaris Images" and works for the daily newpaper "Yedioth Ahronot".

Koren's main interest are humanitarian issues which are often the subject of his documentary projects such as the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, poverty, the Tsunami in south-east Asia, the Haiti earthquake and AIDS in South Africa, to name a few.
In addition, he has been documenting the Israeli Defense Forces and special units in routine activity and special operations.

Koren's photographs from various projects and assignments have been published in numerous major international magazines.

At present Koren published 19 books, presented his work in no less than 120 worldwide exhibitions and won more than 40 awards.

Koren, who lectures regularly in various academic institutes in Israel and worldwide uses the camera as an instrument for developing creative thinking and thinking outside the box with emphasis on innovation in a fast developing world.

Koren's experiential lecture is accompanied by a presentation of images from various projects from Israel and worldwide. The lecture allows the viewers a glimpse into the photojournalism world throughout the full work process, from idea to execution.

In his lectures, Koren discusses the nature of photojournalism, the ethical aspect of the profession, the aesthetics and the added values as well as the process of decision making, innovation and creativity in a world where "everyone is a photographer".
He also examines the effect of transitioning to digital photography and the impact of the worldwide web and new media on the media in general and on photojournalism in particular.
Q&A time is allotted at the end of the lecture.

Duration of lecture: by demand.