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November 11, 2018  - December 16, 2018 

A logo in Hebrew of "Snapshot" project exhibition

Snapshot is a unique project that offers us a rare glimpse into the inner workings of the IDF and the other security forces as they have never been viewed before.

Commentator Yoav Limor and photographer Ziv Koren were given exclusive access, allowing them to bring us an unfiltered view of Israel's real war over our homeland from covert attacks in Syria and the battle against terror to defending the borders. Their work also reveals the real war of daily struggles for the advancement of women in the military, to integrate the ultra-Orthodox, to absorb immigrants and disadvantaged youth. It documents the IDF's humanitarian aid missions to disaster sites around the world and the technological breakthroughs that have transformed Israel into the start-up nation.



Snapshot presents an unprecedented insider's view of some of the most exclusive and secretive IDF units: Sayeret Matkal and Shaldag (General Staff and air force commando units), technology units of the intelligence division, and the Shabak (Israel Security Agency). The book also offers previously unpublished stories and photos from the war on terror, and border operations against Hezbollah, Hamas, and ISIS.


12.5.2018 - 30.6.2018 

“Geavat Yehida,” (esprit de corps) shares a glimpse to the special units of the IDF and shows a unique documentation of the IDF. Through Ziv's lens the viewer is exposed to a large cope of operations, training and humane moments.
The photographs do not take stand, are neutral and avoid subjectivity. Ziv searches for visual moments, light, color and composition that will help him bring an artistic point of view which is rare in the genre.


7.12.2017 - 20.1.2018 

I am honored to have won "Series of the Year" for the above series - "Operational activity of the Israeli Police special counter terror unit (Yamam)."

“Local Testimony,” a regional exhibition of photojournalism, runs concurrently with the annual “World Press Photo” exhibition that features international press photographers. This yearly exhibition features the best documentary and press photos from Israel and the Palestinian Authority chosen by an independent jury out of thousands of entries submitted for competition by professional photographers working in the area. 

I am also honored to have won prizes for the above photographs.