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After more than 20 years of professional photography, 8 published books, dozens of catalogues and a long line of international awards Ziv Koren created an exhibition that does not admit it but in fact deals with the constant Israeli tension. The basis for this tension - the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, left wing vs. right wing, secular vs. religious, the loneliness of a leader and the rehabilitation of the wounded, all accumulate almost unnoticeable into a suffocating, disturbing feeling.
The exhibition was first presented in Urban Gallery in Jaffa.


Urbanism exhibition presents the components of the human texture which create a constant occurrence and uncovers delicately the relations between a man and a city. 
Skillfully Ziv Koren documents the Israeli society and its different shades - secular, religious, fighters and characters on the fringe of society, people who seemingly have nothing in common share a story.
Koren captures the daily dialog between Urbanism and Humanity and forms a tapestry of moments that create a rhythm, sometimes optimistic and sometimes not.
Urbanism was first exhibited in Bat Yam.


Kumbh-Mela exhibition presents a collection of photographs that were taken in the largest human gathering in the world, the Kumbh-Mela, in 2013.

Millions of Hindu pilgrims arrive at Allahabad to take part in the religious festival. 

During the 55 days of this once in twelve years event, more than 100 million people visit the city of Allahabad.

According to the Hindu faith bathing in the meeting point of the three holy rivers, the Ganges, the Yamuna and the Sarasvati, in Allahabad, cleans the sins of believers and brings them closer to redemption.

In preparation for the festival huge compound of tents is built, 14 field hospitals are organized and more than 200 doctors are in the area. 30,000 policemen and ushers are present to keep things in order during the festival days.

This exhibition was first presented in Kleins gallery in Tel Aviv.