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Mor Vital is a 28-years-old Israeli transgender. Mor is one of 15 brothers and sisters, her family immigrated to Israel from Morocco, she started the sex-change process at the age of 15 with the knowledge that she is a woman who is trapped in a man's body. However, Mor never thought about removing her male genital organ since she didn't want to give up the sexual pleasure. Mor had a series of plastic surgeries on her face, nose, lips and chest. Now she is in fact a woman with male a genital organ. During the years, Mor worked as a sex-service-giver and today she runs a successful website that provides downloading of her porn movies, Mor produces, edits and acts her porn movies and signs the other actors in the movie on contracts. The website has more than 60,000 entries a month, which enable her to make a living and pay for the movies that she produces.

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